Tools for mechanical woodworking

Grinders, lamella grinding machines, specialist glue systems and glue rollers, various screw-fastening products, as well as formatting heads, solid fittings or circular saws – these are only some of the products that our T.G. Meblopol wholesale depots offer to our clients. We offer various specialized tools for processing wood-based materials, non-ferrous metals as well as plastics.

Circular saws and other tools of well-known brands

All proposed accessories and products come from well-known manufacturers enjoying an esteem in the industry. These include Leuco and Faba, as well as brands such as Klein and Freud. Thanks to cooperation with these renowned brands, we can be sure that we provide our clients only the most modern and the most efficient tools for wood, metal or plastic processing.

Take advantage of our experience

During our many years of activity, we have already helped both large factories and smaller carpentry companies. In the event of problems with your choice, our team is waiting for contact – they will be happy to help.

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For 60 years, LEUCO has been developing revolutionary systems for the mechanical processing of wood and wood-based materials in the furniture industry. These constructional and technological solutions often set the path for development for other manufacturers. In each passing decade, there is a breakthrough solution that changes the processing of wood and wood-based materials. These include:

S-System – quick tool clamping
and presently P-System - even higher cutting quality and versatility of application
K-System – setting the knives in the heads
i-System – a revolutionary change in chip evacuation


o KLEIN milling cutters manufactured from the highest quality steel and cemented carbides provide perfectly smooth surfaces and perfect milling edges, while saving your time and money thanks to the extended service life and high quality of tools. A wide range of shapes and available sizes of offered milling cutters gives you the opportunity to perform even the most demanding jobs.


It is a Company with 60 years of tradition in tool production, recognized for its quality in over 40 countries around the world. It is also the largest Polish tool manufacturer, offering professional products for the furniture and sawmill industries. Professional – these are not only properly manufactured tools, but also appropriately selected to the machine operating parameters, processing method, customer expectations, type of material processed. FABA is one of the few manufacturers in the world that produces such a wide range of tools on its own.


A global leader in the production of drills for the furniture industry. Offering high quality drills for various customers – for high volume production – monolithic and PANDA – with extended life, for smaller production series – standard.


1. Circular saw blades made with diamond or cemented carbide:

for cutting wood crosswise and lengthwise
blades for the Multix-type multi-saws
for cutting aluminum and plastic
nn-System noiseless saws
crosscut saws for edgeband gluing machines
for power tools
undercutting machines, uniform and foldable
for cutting chipboard, laminated, LDF and MDF boards on table saws and formatting for cutting in packages

2. Diamond formatting heads or sintered carbide heads for feeds up to 60 m / min for processing raw, laminated, veneered boards covered with foil.

3. Insert cutters

profiled and special

4. Sets of cutters

for paneling
for the garden program
to the floorboard
with hydro fastening
for parquets
for longitudinal and transverse joining

5. Grooving cutter heads, spiral, with HSK 85 clamping.

6. Shank cutters with carbide or diamond solder plate, with replaceable knives. Cutters for different feeds, with different axial angles even above 55 degrees P-system.

7. Shank cutters for power tools.

8. Through-hole drills, blind holes for canned hinges with different service life and holders for them.

9. Flat, profile head knives with HW or HS insert.

10. Chucks for machining centers with collets, hydraulic, TRIBOS.

10. Profile tiles for edgeband gluing machines.



Roller-type for drawers in the following colors: white, brown, black, lengths from 250 to 600 mm imported and domestic
galvanized ball-type for drawers
for sliding doors and tables


cup hinges: built-on, semi- built-on, inserted, both 26 mm and 35 mm
pin hinges
angular cup hinges and glass door hinges
cupless hinges

Furniture handles


In addition, we offer

magnetic latches
shelf supports
a wide range of furniture locks
cabinet hangers
plastic products
furniture wheels and rollers, etc.


wood screws in various finishes and types
screw joints, eccentrics, coupling screws
confirmation screws and euro screws
Allen keys, self-tapping joints, nuts, upholstery washers, mandrels


Pressure applicators for dispersion, solvent, one or two component adhesives, PUR, varnishes, paints, etc.

Upper-spindle milling machines X-205CE


lamella milling machines
glue spreaders
rollers for applying glue
edgeband gluing machines
door trimmers
devices for trimming frames
milling machines
edge cutters
dust removal equipment
plunge-cut saws

FR256N milling machines

AG98R manual edgeband gluing machines

AB111N lamella milling machines

SRI174T plunge-cut saw

PEB50 manual edgeband gluing machines

EM25D adhesive rollers

ASC482U dust removal equipment

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