Corrective materials – putties, spackling paste

Damage to wood, scratches and scuffs, as well as knot holes and unsightly gaps – to get rid of these problems, it is worth using offered in this category acrylic or latex spacling paste or special putties based on acrylic resins.

Excellent quality leveling compounds and other corrective materials

In addition to the preparations mentioned, we also recommend special wax sticks and correction waxes that will help to quickly cover up minor damage, scratches or scuffs. In addition, we also offer water-borne putties and leveling compounds that will help get rid of damage in solid wood. We know how important the high quality of these preparations is – as a distributor with many years of experience, we provide our clients only with proven and modern products that come from reliable manufacturers such as Zweihorn, Domos or Dukra.

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Based on acrylic resins

Designed to fill up cavities in all wood and wood-based materials used both indoors and outdoors.


Special putties for filling cavities in indoor wooden surfaces. They can be used for furniture, doors, paneling and other wooden surfaces.



Hydrotinning, is intended for filling cavities in wood and wood-based materials, gaps in the parquet, paneling. It is easily abrasive, flexible, does not crumble and does not fall out after drying. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Dries quickly – approx. 20-60 min. It behaves well on industrial lines, where it is often subjected to UV; Available in 24 colors.


Ready to use latex sealant, can be used indoors and outdoors.

For parquets

For filling cavities in parquet and skirting boards, flexible, easily sanded, suitable for painting, no shrinkage due to drying, offered in 310ml cartridges; available in 7 colors.

Sealant mass

It is intended for: indoor use, for filling cavities in solid wood panels. It is easily removable, but hard. Dries within 20-60 minutes. Available in 3 colors: birch, light pine and alder. Available packages: 10 kg; 17 kg and 35 kg.


Wax sticks

Ready-to-use wax sticks available in wood and pastel colors. They are intended for quick filling of wood defects.

Correction pens

CLS wood correction pens – intended for retouching defective areas on the wood surface, e.g. small scratches, scuffs, rough spots, sanded veneer.

Correction waxes

Soft, for filling cavities and holes, as well as for retouching scratches, dents and cracks in solid wood panels. Offered in 40 colors.

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