Abrasive materials – paper, cloths, sheets

Every professional furniture company as well as a specialized carpentry workshop should have access to the best materials so that the produced and machined components enjoy excellent quality.

Modern abrasives

T.G. Meblopol Company makes available, among others, cloths, sheets and sandpaper that will be suitable for all types of wood. In addition, in this category you can find fiber discs of various diameters, special polishing sponges, steel wool, as well as diamond and flap wheels. If you have any questions or doubts, experienced employees will help you to advise you in choosing the right endless tapes, papers, polishing sponges or sheets and fiber discs. We try our best to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers – for this reason, we also offer the possibility of supplying accessories for individual, non-standard orders.

Take advantage of our experience

We work only with well-known, experienced brands such as Norton, Klingspor, Kovax, Flexi-Foam or Mirka – so we can be sure that we provide our clients only the most modern and the best products.

Bet on quality – take advantage of our offer.



for sanding hardwood
Velcro (self-adhesive)
for sanding soft wood
on the sponge
for sanding paint coatings
with cloth backing for floor sanding

Abrasive cloths


Endless tapes (wide and narrow)

for hard and soft wood
for varnish coatings
for power tools

Discs with paper backing, self-adhesive (Velcro)

available diameters: ø125, ø150, ø225
occur with holes: 6, 8, 8 + 1, 15 and without holes

Discs with foil backing, self-adhesive (Velcro)

available diameters: ø125, ø150
come with 15 holes and without holes

Fiber discs

available diameters: ø100, ø115, ø125, ø150, ø180, ø235

Abrasive sheets

made from paper or cloth
non-woven fabric

Grinding pads


Polishing sponges


Diamond grinding wheels

for grinding flat surfaces, rollers
for sharpening carbide tools

Flap wheels


Steel wool

for final sanding
to matt the surface

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