About us – Meblopol

For a number of years, Towarzystwo Gospodarcze Meblopol Sp. z o.o. has been supplying the largest furniture manufacturers, woodworking factories, as well as thousands of carpentry and furniture factories and workshops throughout Poland with materials and technical resources.

We are constantly searching for better and better technical products and solutions, ensuring the Company’s constant development and increase of market share. Our goal is to be as close to the Client as possible. The extensive offer includes proven, highest quality products of well-known domestic and foreign suppliers.

A nationwide network of wholesalers with a wide range of glues, tools, abrasive materials, varnishes, stains, edges and many different technical means allow for comprehensive fulfillment of all the material needs of our contractors.

T.G. Meblopol Sp. z o.o. operates on a national scale, and the Company employs over 200 people, giving them stable work and the opportunity for further development

The history of our Company

The increase in the number of retail outlets and the dynamic increase in sales over a dozen years have made Meblopol a leading distributor of materials and tools on the furniture and wood market in Poland.

  • 1971


    The Company was founded on the basis of Przedsiębiorstwo Zaopatrzenia Przemysłu Meblowego [Furniture Industry Supply Enterprise] operating since 1971, whose task was the purchase, storage and distribution of furniture production materials and accessories and the Furniture Sales Office, established in 1973, deciding on the division of furniture production on the domestic market.

  • 1987

    new organizational form

    In the current organizational form - as a limited liability company - Meblopol has been operating since 1987. Due to the care for the quality of offered products and professional customer service, our Company was able to succeed in the conditions of strong competition existing in the market economy.

  • 1990

    development of sales network

    In the 1990s, the process of creating a warehouse network with materials and tools for the furniture industry throughout the country began. To date, 33 own and 10 partner wholesale depots have been created.