This group includes a number of products that the wood industry needs to function properly.
The best known among them are wooden connecting elements (studs, loose tongues), knots (branch and biscuit), membranes for presses, films for presses (Mylar type), packaging materials (stretch film, film sleeves), paper filters, protective clothing, respiratory tract protection equipment, and others.

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Lamello - a system to connect wood and boards with loose tongues

  • Biscuit joiner Classic C3

Wood defect repair system

  • hand adhesive dispensers
  • adhesive application system
  • Minispot G20 S2 grooving machine for longitudinal repairs (resin) of all types from G2 to G20

Furniture dowels

We offer a broad range of furniture dowels for connecting wooden and wood-based elements

Steinbach membranes for 3D presses

Steinbach offers two types of membrane:

  • silicone membranes are intended for wrapping furniture elements with a film at pressing temperatures of up to + 200 ºC;
  • natural rubber membranes are intended for wrapping with natural veneer and film at temperatures of up to + 120 ºC.

Mylar films

Polyester Mylar film is a flexible, strong, and durable film intended for multiple industrial applications. Mylar film of type A is a general purpose film available in two thicknesses: 250 m and 350 m. It is mostly used as a separating film for presses, but also as electrical insulation and for industrial lamination with other flexible materials.

Packaging films

Fastening stretch film was developed specially for packaging and fastening goods transported on pallets. It prevents spilling and mechanical damage, and protects goods against weather conditions during transport.

The offered product has excellent stretching and strength characteristics. As a standard, it is transparent and is offered in the following sizes:

  • 500 mm x 272 m. In the case of film thickness 23, the net weight of a roll is 2.5 kg.

Upon request we can also offer colored versions of the film (black, red, green).

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