Corrective materials

T.G.Meblopol’s offer includes professional wood putties and fillers made by Tikkurila, Dukra, and Domos.

Wood fillers are products intended for filling voids in wood, wood-based materials, missing knots, and gaps in parquet flooring and wainscots. Once it hardens it can be ground, polished, and planed. It fullly absorbs varnishes and stains.
Fillers are available in a broad range of colors and do not contain any harmful or chemically aggressive substances.

The hard parquet filler made by Dukra is a product intended to fill voids in parquet flooring, mop boards, and other types of flooring. It is suitable for grinding and brushing.

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Acrylic resin-based

These products are intended to fill voids in all wooden and wood-based materials used both indoors and outdoors.


Special putties for filling voids in wooden surfaces used indoors. Suitable for furniture, doors, wainscots, and other surfaces.



Water-based, intended for filling voids in wood and wood-based materials and gaps in parquet flooring and wainscots. It is flexible and easy to sand.  It does not crumble, and it does not fall out once it becomes dry. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It dries quickly, in approx. 20-60 min. It works well in industrial lines where it is often exposed to UV light; available in 24 colors.


A ready to use latex filler that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

For parquet flooring

Intended for filling voids in parquet flooring and mopboards; flexible, easy to grind, suitable for varnishing. It does not shrink as a result of drying, and is offered in 310 ml cartridges. Available in 7 colors.

Filling compound

Intended for indoor applications to fill voids in solid wood boards. It is easy to grind but hard. It dries in 20-60 minutes. Available in 3 colors: birch, light pine tree, and alder. Available packagings: 10 kg, 17 kg, and 35 kg.


Wax sticks

Ready to use wax sticks available in colors of wood and in pastel colors. Intended for filling gaps in wood quickly.

Correction pens

CLS correction pens for wood are intended for correcting defects on wood surfaces, such as small scratches, rough spots, and ground veneer.

Correction waxes

Soft waxes for filling gaps and holes, as well as for correcting scratches, dents, and cracks in solid wood boards. Offered in 40 colors.

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