For decades Meblopol has been supplying its domestic customers with industrial adhesives made by leading global brands: Rakoll, Henkel, Jowat, Follmann, QS&Sealants, Dunlop, and others. Each of those brands has been launched in Poland by our company, with full technical and logistical support. We are still the sole distributor of most of them, which enables us to offer high quality products at very attractive prices. Currently, Meblopol offers a full range of adhesives for the wood industry and the paper converting industry, as well as for closing cardboard boxes in automatic processes.

In over 30 warehouses, located all over Poland, our customers have full access to a long list of products for nearly all industrial applications.

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Based PVAc, PUR, dedicated for:

  • hard wood, soft wood, exotic wood bondings
  • wood-based materials
  • gluing of elements to varnished surfaces
  • water-proof joints D1, D2, D3, and D4 according to DIN EN 204
  • gluing of dovetails
  • gluing of bodies and frames, block gluing, assembly gluing, carcass gluing,
  • dowel joints
  • high frequency presses
  • chairs, benches, tables, doors, frames of doors, honeycomb, general joinery works
  • gluing of non-woven interlinings
  • windows scantling
  • frames, stairs, garden furniture
  • moist wood and wood contaminated with resin
  • heat resistance gluing accordingly to WATT'91 (EN14257)
  • one- and two-component adhesives
  • veneer bonding on wood and wood-based boards
  • wrapping with PVC foil, finish foil, bonding of laminate CPL and HPL on wood and wood based boards
  • postforming
  • cold and hot laminate bondings in presses

Hot-melt adhesives


For edgebanding (EVA, PUR, APAO)

Hotmelts with and without filler:

  • for straight edges
  • for softforming
  • for all types of edgebandings: PVC, ABS, HPL, PP, paper
  • natural veneer,
  • for low working temperatures
  • appropriate for standard and slow feed rates

For profile wrapping (EVA, APAO, PUR)

Hotmelts with and without filler:

for the wrapping with:

  • natural veneer
  • impregnated paper,
  • very thin paper (so-called Japanese paper)
  • PVC foil
  • PP foil on: profiled elements, like e.g. slats, skirting boards, panels made of MDF, HDF, solid wood

for flat lamination (EVA, APAO, PUR)

  • for chipboards
  • MDF boards
  • HDF boards
  • solid wood

For 3D presses = membrane presses (PUR)

One- and two-component adhesives for the application of PCV, ABS, PP thermoplastic films and veneer on MDF and solid wood boards.

Upholstery adhesives


Solvent based (SBS) and water based

  • gluing of foam, mattresses, , wood, fiberboard and particle board, other upholstery materials, styrofoam and polystyrene;
  • for plastic, wood-based materials, metal, rubber, textiles, felt, horsehair etc.
  • standard adhesives, high solid and super high solid type;
  • inflammable and flame retardant;
  • for 1 side and 2 sides application
  • 1 component and 2 components
  • contact adhesives (polychloropene based): for roller application, for spray application

Adhesives for the printing industry and for packaging


Dispersions, hot-melts (PVAc, EVA, PO)

  • adhesives for the production of cardboard, corrugated boards and textile packaging (including food packaging)
  • adhesives for laminated, prafined, varnished cardboard
  • for gluing cardboard boxes
  • for bonding of cardboards legs to cardboard pallets
  • for production of angle bars
  • for production of cardboard pallets
  • for carton closing
  • lamination of surfaces with PE films
  • spines of notebooks side gluing of brochures, magazines and books (two-shot)
  • for gluing calendars, carbonless paper blocks, job prints, posters, mockups, stands decorations and wallpapers

Adhesive threads for gluing of veneer


Available in reels:

  • large - for stationary binders
  • small - for manual and table-top binders

Manual veneer gluers







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