It is hard to imagine a carpenter’s workshop or company that does not use abrasive materials to achieve different surface finishes.

Meblopol’s offer includes a broad range of high-quality abrasive materials made by renowned Polish and foreign brands: KLINGSPOR, NORTON, MIRKA, and FLEXI-FOAM. We offer more than basic products, such as rollers, endless belts, disks, sheets, non-woven fabrics, blocks, and pads Other products we offer are diamond grinding disks, flap disks, and steel wool. If ordered by our customers, we can supply specific products that our partners do not even offer. We also provide technical consulting concerning the selection of abrasive materials (e.g. endless belts) for all types of machines.

If you need additional information, please contact the nearest wholesale store.

Abrasive materials


  • for sanding hard wood
  • for sanding soft wood
  • for sanding varnish coats
  • fastened with velcro (self-fastening)
  • on sponges
  • with cloth backing for sanding floors

Abrasive cloth

  • flexible
  • rigid
  • graphite

Endless tapes (wide and narrow)

  • for hard wood
  • for soft wood
  • for varnish coats
  • for power tools

Disks on paper backing, self-fastening (velcro)

  • available diameters: ø125, ø150, and ø225
  • with holes (dia. 6, 8, 8+1, and 15) and without holes

Disks on film backing, self-fastening (velcro)

  • available diameters: ø125, and ø150
  • With 15 holes and without holes

Fiber disks

  • available diameters: ø100, ø115, ø125, ø150, ø180, and ø235

 Abrasive sheets

  • paper
  • cloth
  • non-woven fabric
  • fastened with velcro

Grinding blocks

  • four-sided
  • fastened with velcro

Polishing sponges

  • two-sided
  • one-sided

Diamond grinding disks

  • for grinding flat surfaces and round timber
  • for sharpening carbide tools

Flap grinding disks

  • push-on mounted
  • arbor mounted

Steel wool

  • for final sanding
  • for dulling of surfaces

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