Towarzystwo Gospodarcze Meblopol Sp. z o.o. has been supplying the largest furniture manufacturers, wood industry factories, and thousands of carpentry and woodworking plants and shops across Poland and abroad with materials and tools.

We are constantly seeking improvements of our products and technical solutions, to ensure continuous growth and increasing market shares for the company. Our goal is to be as close as possible to our clients.

Our extensive product range comprises verified and the best quality products from reputable Polish and foreign suppliers.

Our network of wholesalers across Poland, offering a broad range of adhesives, tools, abrasives, wood coatings and stains, eadge bandings and a lot of equipment, will satisfy all the material needs of our clients.

Each wholesaler has a separate warehouse and vehicles to help them respond to the market needs in a short time.

T. G. Meblopol Sp. z o.o. operates countrywide and employs more than 200 persons, offering them stable jobs and career development opportunities.

At Meblopol, we have a proprietary group of professional technical consultants with extensive knowledge and experience in industrial applications, as well as a large, highly qualified group of sales representatives.


Go for the best

Over 28 years of market presence

Largest distribution network

Competitive prices

More than 15 thousand products in store

Quality guarantee


Through increasing the number of sales outlets and rapid growth of sales for more than ten years, Meblopol has become a leading distributor of materials or tools on the furniture and wood market in Poland.


The Company was established on the basis of Przedsiębiorstwo Zaopatrzenia Przemysłu Meblowego / Furniture Industry Supply Enterprise, in operation since 1971, responsible for purchasing, storage and distribution of furniture production resources and materials, and Biuro Zbytu Mebli / Furniture Sales Bureau, which used to be the decision-making authority in charge of distributing furniture production volumes across the domestic market.


Meblopol has been operating with its current legal status as a limited liability company since 1987. Through our careful approach to the quality of our products and professional customer service, we were able to succeed in the aggressive competitive environment of the market economy.


The 1990s marked the beginning of building a network of wholesalers offering materials and tools for the furniture industry across Poland. By present day, we have managed to open 33 own wholesale outlets and 10 partner wholesalers.


Our efficiency and reputation is supported by many awards and honors, such as:

Award from "Produkcja Mebli" magazine

Business Gazelle for 2005, 2007 and 2008

FSC® certificate

Od 2008 r. uczestniczymy w programie FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council). Dbamy o to aby nasza oferta handlowa opierała się o wyroby z drewna sprawdzonych i odpowiedzialnych producentów, dla których ochrona środowiska i dbałość o przyrodę są celem nadrzędnym.

Participation in "Rzetelna Firma"/"Reliable Company" program

We have been participating in the "Rzetelna Firma"/"Reliable Company" program since 2008 without interruptions and we provide a lot of information to verify our credibility.
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